Blog: New Stories Incoming!

An update on my upcoming stories.

After taking a summer break, I am very excited to share a little more about the stories I have in the pipeline for you.

There is one story in particular that I’m quite excited about. It is a story longer than I have written for a while and one that incorporates several elements I enjoy writing about.

It is called: ‘Exploration: Milky Way’.

It is not just a one-off story this time; E:MW will consist of separate episodic novellas telling the tales of a man from Earth who gets to venture into space and explore different planets and species.

This story will combine my interests in astronomy and worldly affairs. In each ‘episode’, as I call them, Oscar Monroe visits a different part of space and has an adventure there, which will include a social element, or critique if you will.

Of course there is an overall arc across the different episodes too: a man trying to come to terms with the mistakes he made in his past with the help of (alien) friends he makes along the way.

I am currently in the process of writing Episode I – ‘The Game’ – and once I finish it, I want to make it available online via self-publishing. This means you will be able to purchase ‘Exploration: Milky Way’ on websites such as Amazon, so you can read it on your e-reader, your phone or your tablet via the Kindle app.

Perhaps I can even make it available as a physical book!

I will of course keep you up to date on where and how this novella – and upcoming episodes – will be available, but I’m already so excited about all the possibilities!

Not to worry about free stories to read here though!

Before taking a summer break, I was in the final stages of two other short stories that will be published on this site in the coming weeks.

The first is a sci-fi comedy called ‘Crash Landing’, which is inspired by one of my favourite films, Paul. The second is a tale of a disabled girl in a world inhabited by superheroes.

So stay tuned for more fantasy and sci-fi stories! I’m so happy to get back to writing after this unplanned summer break and so excited about what’s to come!

I hope you are too!


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