Blog: New Year, New Ideas!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday period and are able to cope with the grind of getting back to real life. January is always a toughie for so many, so here is me extending my love to you if you struggle with settling back into real life!

For me, this January provides me with an opportunity to refocus my writing desires. I have been thinking a lot the last couple of weeks about where to take my writing. Shall I go on as I did or go in a new direction? I think it’s an inner dialogue many of us have with ourselves when a new year approaches.

Last year was incredible, writing-wise, and I know that I want to continue writing science fiction and fantasy. Nothing changes there!

What will change is my method of distribution. I hope to reach more people with my stories and merely publishing them on my own little website in my own tiny little corner of the internet makes that a challenge.

So as an experiment, I will publish excerpts of my stories here, with the entire version on self-publishing websites. Will you have to pay for them, I hear you ask. The honest answer is: I’m not sure yet! I guess it depends on which website(s) I decide to publish on and how I feel about a story.

One consideration could be story length. Some stories take me ‘only’ a couple of weeks to write. But most take me two to three months and some even a year or more. I love sharing my writing with you all and I wish I was privileged enough to continue to do so for free, but I’m getting to a point in my life where I might have to start asking for a small amount to read my stories. I do hope you all understand and will continue to read my fiction!

As a teaser I can say that I’m currently working on two science fiction projects. The first is the story set in space that I’ve talked about here before. I’m still in the editing stages of it, as new ideas keep popping into my head. They excite me so that I’m still expanding on the story!

The second project is an anthology of science fiction stories set in the near future on Earth. ‘Erasure‘ (which you can read for free and in its entirety here) will be the first in that series. I’ve plotted out the others and have started writing the second story this week. I’m so excited about these stories and cannot wait to share them with you all in the future!

While I’ll be publishing my work on other platforms, this site won’t be empty of writing though! Aside from the excerpts that I will post, I want to continue blogging and do so on a larger scale. Not just blog about writing, but blog about anything that grabs me. So that can be about my love of Marvel movies, my life with chronic illness and what it has taught me, but also about my values, especially with regards to world affairs and life in general. And of course I will still write about writing!

So, I have plenty of new plans for the new year and for this website. I can’t wait to see what 2020 will bring writing-wise and story-wise. I hope you’re all excited to find out with me!

Now tell me, what are your plans for 2020? On a creative or personal level? I’d love to hear from you, so head on down to the comments and leave a message!

Lots of love,

Thank you so much for reading my stories and blog posts in 2019! I hope you will continue to do so this year! Be sure to leave a comment or feedback below if you liked them!
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