Blog: Changes are Coming!

Something exciting is coming really soon! A whole new adventure…

I hope you will join me!

However it does mean that changes are coming to this website.

More on those in a bit, but first of all, I wanted to acknowledge that it’s been a while since I have updated this site. Blame moving house during an pandemic!

Actually… that’s not the whole truth.

Back in January, I started to have doubts about my writing. Or rather, extra, new doubts. So between hearing in January that I was going to move house and then a pandemic, there has been lots of creative thinking, musing and worrying going on inside my head.

After taking a long time to figure things out and trying different paths, I have found a new direction, or rather two, that seem to fit me perfectly.

I think. Hope.

However, this does mean that this website is getting a complete make-over and much of its current content will be moved to a private archive. That includes the short stories.

Therefore, if you wish to keep a story of mine, do send me an email at and I am happy to send you a Word, PDF or e-book file of it. Do include your preferred format in your email as well as the title(s) of the stories you’d like to receive. I will then send you the story as soon as I can! You can also fill in the contact form here.

But I can’t end this post without saying a big THANK YOU to you, the reader, for sticking with me the past year and a half or so, for reading my stories, for encouraging me to continue and for your support as I figure out my life as a writer.

Thank you for reading! And stay tuned for the announcements… You’re not rid of me so easily!

Take care!

Lots of love,

P.S. I’ve had some questions from pals about a donation opportunity, so if you want to, you can use the donate button somewhere on this page (depending on your device) or use my Paypal email address But please, please don’t feel obligated or fear I won’t see or recognise your support if you don’t!!! My stories on this website are free on purpose! x

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