Today I am delighted to announce my second project!

As I said in my previous blog post, I am diving into a new fiction writing genre. But there is another project I am very excited about.

Starting some time next week, I am launching a Patreon page for blogging!

On Patreon, I will focus on writing about my life as a woman, a spoonie (a person with chronic illness), a writer and a human. These pieces will be far more personal and deal with my experiences in and about life, the many lessons I have learned and keep learning, and the values and views I have gathered over the years.

I will post a link here once my page has officially launched (although you can take a look at it already, but there is nothing to read just yet) and I will post an excerpt with a link to each new post here, so you can, if you wish, read it on Patreon.

I deliberately say ‘if you wish’ because on Patreon you have to pay for most created content. And I know not everyone is able to or wants to do that, and that is totally fine.

But as a struggling writer, it started to become difficult to put what I worked so hard on out there for free to try to gain an audience. By now it’s not hard to admit that unfortunately this ‘audience’ never really reached beyond a couple of friends and family. Therefore, I feel it is a risk worth taking.

If you want to check out Patreon and what it is all about, click here!

I hope you can join me on Patreon! And if not, I will see you here again soon!

Lots of love,

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