Morals in Fiction

“For, above all, science fiction, as far back as Plato trying to figure out a proper society, has always been a fable teacher of morality.” – Ray Bradbury, author I readily admit, I am rather opinionated. This can be both a good and a bad thing. My morals and values make up a large part … More Morals in Fiction

A Woman Writes

“If you’re a woman writer, sometime, somewhere, you will be asked: Do you think of yourself as a writer first, or as a woman first? Look out. Whoever asks this hates and fears both writing and women.” – Margaret Atwood As I learned during my journalism studies, there is no such thing as neutrality. This … More A Woman Writes

Change is Coming!

‘A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.’ Thomas Mann I am moving away from fantasy and science fiction… I know… A big step. A huge step. And I admit it is a scary one. So far sci-fi and fantasy have been all I’ve known in my … More Change is Coming!

How I Overcame My Insecurity About Sharing My Writing

Right now, you are reading this post on a public website with short stories free to read by all, but until only the beginning of this year was I terrified to share my fiction with anyone. I didn’t even share my ideas. Especially not my ideas. For they were unoriginal, boring, bad, uninteresting. But I … More How I Overcame My Insecurity About Sharing My Writing