Morals in Fiction

“For, above all, science fiction, as far back as Plato trying to figure out a proper society, has always been a fable teacher of morality.” – Ray Bradbury, author I readily admit, I am rather opinionated. This can be both a good and a bad thing. My morals and values make up a large part … More Morals in Fiction

Change is Coming!

‘A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.’ Thomas Mann I am moving away from fantasy and science fiction… I know… A big step. A huge step. And I admit it is a scary one. So far sci-fi and fantasy have been all I’ve known in my … More Change is Coming!

Blog: Goodbye 2019

What a writing year it has been! With a lot of creative firsts: ⁃ I published my original fiction. ⁃ I received love on my shorts. ⁃ I got my own domain name. ⁃ I narrated a story. ⁃ I entered the online writing community. Publishing my work indie-style (being an indie author means you … More Blog: Goodbye 2019

A Christmas Audiobook: A Friendly Neighborhood Christmas

Happy Holidays to you and yours! Are you in the mood for a Christmas tale? Then may I offer you the fanfiction story I wrote last year about a young boy meeting his (super)hero! You can find the audio version, narrated by yours truly, below. You can of course also read it yourself! I have … More A Christmas Audiobook: A Friendly Neighborhood Christmas