Blog: ‘Sandra London, contemporary fantasy and sci-fi writer’

‘Is that your real last name?’ I was rather amused when I got that question the first time. They were onto something though. No, London is not my actual last name. Sandra is very much my first though. The reason for changing it up? Well, I have an extremely Dutch last name and I felt … More Blog: ‘Sandra London, contemporary fantasy and sci-fi writer’

Short Story: Erasure

A new technology developed by a large tech company promises to change the lives of people with experiences they are desperate to overcome. [Rating: 13+]       Erasure The black neon light shone down from the facade onto Louisa standing below. The threat illuminating from the sign flashing ‘Yron Technologies’ across the city matched … More Short Story: Erasure

About Me

Welcome to my website! My name is Sandra London and I am a contemporary fantasy and science fiction writer. On this site, I post my short stories which always involve elements of fantasy and/or science fiction, whether set in the past, present, future or a whole other world altogether! I hope you enjoy reading them … More About Me